Born in 1976 in Alkmaar, Holland. Pirho started doing graffiti in 072 area around 1987. Till 1993, Only active making letters. After a hibernation period of 6 years he just started making characters. The need to paint had to be satisfied. In 2000 also canvas had to be attacked with paint (even with brushes instead of spraycans), and in time, made up characters were replaced by more lifelike paintings.

Pirho also makes works on commision and has also given several "painting workshops".
For more information don't hesitate to contact Pirho.

Still his work can often be seen in the Dutch
halls of fame.

Exhibitions/ Live shows/ Paint jobs:

Artquake festivals Zaandam/Hoofddorp

"Go Gallery" Amsterdam

Mysteryland festival Haarlemmermeer

BlockJam Haaksbergen

Library "De Mare" Alkmaar

MIxtream festivals Heerhugowaard

Gallery "Passifou" Alkmaar

Gallery "The Beep" Alkmaar

Coffeeshop "Stepping Out" Alkmaar

Patronaat Haarlem

Graffiti workshop Alkmaar

Jebs Memorial Jam Hoofddorp

Kunstuitleen Rijswijk

Galery "Glasspool" Bergen (kunst 10 daagse 2005)

"400 years of Rembrandt" Rijswijk

Galerie "de Boerderie" Bergen (kunst 10 daagse 2006)

Kunstkick 2006 Heerhugowaard

Kunstuitleen Alkmaar

10.000.000ste conatiner Rotterdam haven (2007)

Gemeente Heemskerk

Gemeente Wieringerwerf

Several workshops & several private commisisons